Facial Hair Styling Tips

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Growing facial hair can enhance the features of one's facial structure. Men with facial hair can present themselves in many fashions, depending on their own personal style and physique. Whether you like to use specific menís grooming products or not, it is an easy transition to update your look with a little experimentation and suggestion.

There are many styles of facial hair that men can sport to accent their features. It is no surprise with all the beard styles available for men that certain styles look better on men with certain structural facial features. 

Beginning with the most common style of facial hair, full facial stubble, men can accentuate their features such as high and defined cheekbones easily. Facial stubble tends to look best on men with an oval or rectangular shaped face, but is a popular choice for many men today.

The "five o'clock shadow" look is a great look for those who like to appear more rugged and masculine without having to grow a thick, full beard. Facial stubble shaves time off the grooming process while keeping a modern, hip look. 

However, if a man is looking to make a more drastic change to his style, experimenting with different goatee styles can create a more dramatic look. Different types of goatees enhance certain face shapes. For example, men with rounder faces tend to venture towards sporting a fully-shaped and rounded goatee to take attention away from the fullness of their face.

Goatees make facial features appear smaller and more defined. If a man's face is small, however, he may want to experiment with a soul patch, which is a tiny patch of hair beneath the bottom lip. A soul patch will keep the face proportionate and also make it appear larger. 

Men who have a triangular face shape have a greater challenge in the type of facial hair style they choose. Depending on the person's personal style, they should either veer towards growing a chin strap, which covers the entire chin area, or a Van Dyke beard.

The chin strap will round out the bottom of the man's face, making it appear softer. A Van Dyke beard entails a long mustache that is separated from the chin facial hair beneath.

This style is both unique and has been worn by several celebrities looking to make a statement. It is a debonair look that complements the facial structure of a man with a triangular face. 

Whether you decide to grow a beard and mustache, have stubble, or wear the more sophisticated goatee, all of these facial hair styling tips can be maintained easily and groomed by using a small amount of clear shaving gel. By using a clear shaving product, it makes it easier to see the outline of the facial hair style desired and avoid the risk of a mistake. This makes the shaving process less timely and much easier.

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